Tips for Fastening Equipment to Bases

Fasten Equipment to Base

  • Tighten base bolts only after grout curing.
  • Use anchor bolts made for the job.
  • Anchor bolts must be installed perpendicular to the base for maximum holding.
  • Allow for anchor bolt stretch with the base design, the upper 3 to 4 inches under the base are to be sleeved.
  • Remove leveling bolts when tightening anchor bolts (no opposing loads).
  • Fill empty leveling bolt holes with RTV, to keep water from undermining the base.
  • Sound the base to be sure the grout is attached to the base primer.
  • Use F436 anchor washers, grade 8 double thick washers, or equipment washers that will not cup and deflect.
  • Torque to manufactures spec and avoid thread lubricants in pulsating equipment applications.
  • Threads are to extend 1 ½ to 2 threads beyond the nut.
  • Bolts used to screw into the base pad are to penetrate one bolt cross-section minimum for steel and 1 ½ cross-sections for cast iron.