Webcast by Heinz Bloch

Photo of Heinz Bloch

Selecting the best industrial lubricants is only part of the process for optimizing both equipment and overall plant performance. This webinar, which discusses best practices for machinery procurement and reliability analysis, stresses four primary points:

  • Equipment should only come from competent bidders that deliver appropriate specifications; these specs must be satisfactory for all stakeholders
  • Assessment of vendor capability is a complicated process that must be undertaken deliberately and methodically
  • The timetable and nature of design audits and follow-up reviews must be put forth in writing
  • Machinery assessment does not end when manufacturing begins; design details must be consistently monitored

This webcast is given by Heinz Bloch and sponsored by Royal Purple. An expert on synthetic lubricants and heavy machinery, Mr. Bloch holds two degrees in mechanical engineering and has authored nearly 20 textbooks and 500 papers. He has held numerous high-profile professional and university positions and worked for Exxon as a chemical machinery specialist for 24 years.



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