Heinz Bloch

Heinz Bloch

Presented by Heinz Bloch, a 24-year specialist in chemical machinery with Exxon who holds seven U.S. patents surrounding the optimization of high-speed machinery, this webcast addresses the often overlooked importance of specialized lubrication products in an industrial maintenance program.

Bloch states that adopting a “selective” maintenance program in addition to choosing and preserving the right industrial lubricants can provide demonstrable results in the following ways:

  • The plant will minimize lost opportunities for production
  • Equipment will become more reliable and will need less service
  • The system will experience an uptick in efficiency
  • Safety will increase (which leads to happier workers and improved social status)

Other subjects touched on in this webinar include uncovering and solving issues with synthetic lubricants, especially within the four primary machine categories common to hydrocarbon processing applications.

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