Wire Rope Lubricant: Synthetic and Industrial Lubricant

Wire Rope Lubricant

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Specially formulated synthetic lubricants, penetrants, and synthetic additives allow Royal Purple’s Wire Rope Lubricant to significantly extend the service life of wire ropes and cables over a wide range of temperatures and working conditions. Common applications include mining, marine and construction industries.

Wire Rope Lubricant is formulated with Royal Purple’s Synslide® additive technology. Synslide effectively penetrates wire ropes and forms a protective “polar bond” with metal surfaces to provide maximum protection under boundary lubrication conditions common in heavily loaded wire ropes and cables.

Wire Rope Lubricant features state-of-the-art corrosion inhibitors, exceptional penetrating and wetting ability and a strong adhesive film to keep synthetic lubricants in place during even the most strenuous wire rope and cable applications.

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Consult manufacturer for high temperature applications

Unique Performance Advantages

  • Outstanding Corrosion Protection
  • Exceptional Penetrant/Wetting Ability
  • Synthetic Lubricant Stays in Place
  • Remains Fluid at Low Temperatures
  • Free of Lubricating Solids