Thermasil T-100: Open Gear Grease

Thermasil™ T-100

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Thermasil™ T-100 is a viscous, water resistant, tacky grease designed to protect extremely heavily loaded, low speed bearings or sliding surfaces (such as open gears, skid-rails, gear couplings, etc.) that operate in wet or hot environments where other EP greases perform poorly or even fail.

Thermasil™ T-100 is extremely resistant to water washout and provides excellent corrosion protection. It is especially suited for lubricating very low speed, heavily loaded bearings, bushings, pinions, gears, sliding surfaces, etc.

Thermasil™ T-100 is formulated with advanced, synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary, EP Synslide® additive technology, which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces.

Thermasi™ T-100 lubricates under severe loads that “squeeze out” other oils and greases plus provides superior protection in wet and / or corrosive environments.

Unique Performance Advantages

  • Excellent Adhesion to Metal Surfaces
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Severe Service Performance
  • Shock Load Protection