Royal Purple Syn Tractor III

SynTractor® III & SynTractor® III WG

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SynTractor® III and SynTractor® III WG (Winter Grade) are recommended for farm tractors where one common oil reservoir supplies the transmission, hydraulic system, differentials, wet brakes and / or final drives.

SynTractor® III and SynTractor® III WG are high performance, high film strength, long life, multi-purpose tractor fluids. They meet the requirements for many manufacturers (See Product Sheet for manufacturers list.).

SynTractor III® and SynTractor III® WG offer significant performance advantages over other approved tractor fluids because they contain Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, a super-tough, tenacious, slippery, synthetic lubricating film. Synerlec® additive technology’s film strength is noticeably stronger than other tractor fluids assuring excellent lubricity and maximum protection.

SynTractor III® and SynTractor III® WG are many times more oxidation stable than other tractor fluids. Their superior ability to resist breakdown from heat and not lose proper lubricity allows for greatly extended oil drain intervals and cleaner equipment.

SynTractor III® and SynTractor III® WG are fully compatible and can be mixed with other tractor fluids; however, for best results drain old fluid and fill with SynTractor III® or SynTractor III® WG.

Unique Performance Advantages

  • Greater Wear Protection
  • Clean, Efficient Equipment
  • Longer Oil Life
  • Longer Pump Life
  • ReducesTemperature
  • Excellent Rust/Corrosion Protection