MaxSolv: Industrial Solvent


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MaxSolv is a very powerful chemical solvent which rapidly removes oxidized oil deposits such as sludge, varnish and lacquer that are commonly formed in a wide range of equipment. Maintenance personnel can replace dangerous acid and caustic cleaners, eliminate labor-intensive mechanical cleaning and let the equipment clean itself of deposits while using MaxSolv during normal operation.

MaxSolv is formulated to be added to the existing oil just prior to draining the oil and refilling the equipment with new oil. MaxSolv works by softening and then displacing or dissolving oxidize oil deposits. Deposits will be removed when draining the old oil. Any remaining sediment being easily flushed or wiped clean.

Carefully read the MaxSolv product sheet before use as MaxSolv also removes metal coatings such as paint, etc.

Unique Performance Advantages

  • Super Solvency
  • Thermally Stable
  • Chemically Stable
  • High Autoignition Temperature
  • Seal Compatibility
  • Saves Money
  • Restores Heat Exchanger Efficiency