Royal Purple Clean and Flush oil circulation system cleaner

Clean and Flush Oil System Cleaner

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Royal Purple’s Clean and Flush is a safe, effective and inexpensive oil system cleaner for cleaning sludge and varnish from equipment while in service.

Because Clean and Flush is available in only two viscosities and is not a fully formulated oil, machine loads and oil viscosity requirements should be considered when deciding how best to use Clean and Flush. Cleaning time and effectiveness will vary depending upon such factors as the cleanliness of the system, the oil temperature, degree of oil agitation, the amount of Clean and Flush added to the system and the duration of cleaning. The mixing chart (available below) provides a guideline for pre-mixing Royal Flush 46 with Royal Flush 1000 to create a new ISO viscosity grade of Clean and Flush to attain the ISO grade desired, whether it’s for mixing with an existing oil or as a total replacement of the existing oil.

Clean and Flush can be used in three ways:

  1. Clean and Flush can be added to an existing oil to clean varnish and sludge from equipment prior to draining the existing oil.
  2. Clean and Flush can be used as a temporary oil fill to clean varnish and sludge from equipment before refilling with new Royal Purple oil.
  3. Clean and Flush can be used as a temporary oil fill for cleaning and flushing a polyglycol oil that is incompatible with the new oil to be used (i.e. when changing from a polyglycol oil to a Royal Purple PAO or para-synthetic oil).
Clean and Flush Mixing Chart
For Clean and Flush ISO Viscosity Mix % Clean and Flush 1000 With % Clean and Flush 46
1000 100 0
680 89 11
460 78 22
320 67 33
220 56 44
150 45 55
100 34 66
32, 46, 68 0 100

Flushing / cleaning procedures can vary depending on the type of equipment, the number and location of oil drain points, how dirty the system is, the quality of filtration and the ability to monitor and / or change filters / screens in circulating systems and other service parameters.

Clean and Flush has some anti-wear properties, but it is not a full formulated oil. It can be used as a lubricant to clean and flush equipment in service for short periods of time. Whenever possible, it is recommended that Clean and Flush be circulated throughout the oil system while the equipment is idle.

The Product Sheet contains general guidelines for system flushing / cleaning.

Please consult with Royal Purple’s technical support group at 888-382-6300 for guidance on specific equipment or circumstances.

Unique Performance Advantages

  • Safe and Effective Flushing and Cleaning Fluid for Dirty Oil Circulating Systems and Reservoirs
  • Effectively Flushes Poly-Glycol Synthetic Oils
  • Cleans and Removes Existing Oxidized Oil and Sludge Deposits
  • Can Be Used at 100 Percent Strength or Be Mixed with Existing Oils for Cleaning
  • Can Be Used to Clean Equipment While in Service
  • Has Low Volatility and High Flash Point
  • Can Be Matched to Existing Oil Viscosity
  • Cost Effective