Max-Gear: Synthetic Gear Oil


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Royal Purple Max-Gear is specified for use in some transmissions. It performs well in Positraction and other limited-slip differentials. Max-Gear is also used as a high performance gear oil for front and rear differentials in commercial and industrial automotive applications and in lower outboard units for marine use.

The manual transmission fluid conserves energy through a lower coefficient of friction (no special limited-slip additive required). It also offers better fluidity in cold climates, protects against shock load and high operating temperatures, resists corrosion and allows for extended time between oil changes.

Max-Gear surpasses GL-5/MIL-L-2105D Gear Oil Specs from Eaton, and it is recommended for bronze synchro gears, as well. It quiets and cools gears, minimizing service interruptions and helping contain operating costs.

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