Max ATF: Synthetic and Industrial Transmission Fluid

Max ATF®

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Royal Purple’s high performance transmission fluid, Max ATF, is engineered for use in commercial operations such as fleet and trucking outfits, agricultural firms, mining and quarrying companies, and similar businesses. It includes Synerlec®, which promotes additional viscosity in extreme situations. Synerlec forms a tough ionic bond to engine parts.

With a low coefficient of friction and enhanced film strength, Max ATF protects against overheating and transmission failure. Beyond reducing temperatures, the synthetic transmission fluid promotes smoother gear shifts and a more efficient engine. It also guards against corrosion from rust and other contaminants, and it is more oxidation stable for longer fluid life. Additional benefits of Max ATF include enhanced wear protection.

The product is compatible with any other commercial transmission fluid available. For ideal performance, Royal Purple recommends doing a full flush before switching to Max ATF.

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