SynTractor III: Tractor Hydraulic Oil

SynTractor® III & SynTractor® III WG

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SynTractor III and SynTractor III WG (our winter-grade fluid) are universal tractor fluids optimized for extended, heavy-use agricultural applications in which one common reservoir supplies fluid for the transmission, hydraulic system, differentials, wet brakes and final drives. Engineered with our proprietary Synerlec® additive, SynTractor III and SynTractor III WG create a super-strong film for maximum lubricity and extended protection under extreme load, heat and pressure.  Synerlec creates a tenacious ionic bond with metal surfaces. These tractor hydraulic oils also contain oxidation inhibitors and enable users to extend drain intervals. They offer longer oil and pump life, and provide demonstrable protection against rust.

SynTractor III and SynTractor III WG are universal fluids for John Deere J20C/D; Allison C-4; Caterpillar TO-2; David Brown; Ford M2C134-C/D, M2C41-B and M2C86-C; and many others. For industrial application questions, contact the technical team at (888) 382-6300.

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