Looking Up

This tip is requested by someone who has had help in their job by looking up. How often do you look up in your plant? Do you look at the pipe, pipe supports, spring cans, bolting, and so on? This is a must for safety and equipment life. I remember seeing a stud W/1 nut on the floor of a plant and looked up to see that it came from a 4 bolt flange. Yes the flange had only 3 bolts and was labeled Sulfuric Acid, a maintenance superintendent and I were standing under the flange but not for long.

Unmaintained supports are one of the largest if not the largest contributors of maintenance issues we see today. They put bearings and seals in a bind, this causes premature equipment failures. A lot of bases are loosened from this strain and the base is repaired and the strain is not. This will only allow the strain to shorten the bond time the grout and base looseness adds to misalignment.

Set up a maintenance schedule for pipe supports and increase up-time with rotating equipment. This one addition to maintenance reduces fixing time to equipment and allows maintenance to do real maintenance.


Hanger support is broken<br /><br />

Valve Support Without Contact

Adjusting hangers at scheduled maintenance