Know Your Equipment

Know your equipment. Have you heard that the pump is not producing enough, or the gear box is too hot? What is enough or what is too hot? This is easy to know but the most over looked information available to the end-user.

When starting equipment take readings of temperature, pressure, speed, and load for example;

Maintenance Sketch

Start with simple sketches and record what you can, this will help troubleshoot and could save an expensive repair.

When starting a gearbox gather the following information.
• Temperature at the bearings, coupling, and the oil.
• Take vibration readings and have dimpled reading points.
• Thrust and backlash measurements at the input and output shafts.
• Oil analysis of new oil and oil after startup
• Ultrasound readings and Infrared photos
• RPM and amp load
• Gear tooth contact patterns

This is a good start and you might expand this but now when someone thinks the gear box is hot and it is 160°F and it was 150°F at startup you have something to go on. Ask what was the ambient temperature at startup? Was it 10°F higher that might be the reason or has any of the original readings changed.